Graham Eyes

High Class Butchers 

North West Catering Company

Meat Packs & BBQ Packs

Homemade Ready Meals

Prepared by our in-house chefs on a weekly basis

£3.50 Each or ANY 2 for £6

Graham's Homemade Pies

Pork Pies- Filled with a secret blend of the finest minced pork and herbs.

Hog Roast Pie- Filled with pulled pork, apple sauce and sage & onion stuffing.

Pulled Pork BBQ Pie- Filled with pulled pork and lashings of our homemade bbq sauce.

All Day Breakfast Pie- a blackpudding base, one whole boiled egg wrapped in our porkie sausage meat, baked beans and brown sauce.

ScotsMans Pie- a blackpudding base, whisky soaked haggis and a tasty minced pork filling.


Steak Puddings- One whole lb of a delicious slow roasted beef steak and a rich gravy filling.

Steak & Kidney Puddings- One whole lb of a delicious slow roasted beef steak, diced kidney and a rich gravy filling.

​Award Winning Homemade Sausages

​Made on the premises by our High Class Butchers

Our World Famous Porkie - Simply pork and a blend of seasoning. A thin sausage which is perfect for breakfast.

Olde English - A traditional pork sausage recipe made with a traditional breadcrumb mix.

Lincolnshire - Pork with mixed herbs.

The Pudders - A thick pork sausage with real chunks of tasty blackpudding.

​The Cranberries - A thick pork sausage with a blend of English honey and cranberries. A tasty sweet treat. 

The Dragon Slayer - ONLY for the brave. A Thick pork sausage filled with fresh chillies. A fiery delight.

The Cumberland - Our take on a cumbrian recipe. Made with pork and a blend of herbs. 

Cheese & Leek - A pork sausage made with finely chopped leeks and oozing with creamy lancashire cheese. 

Pork & Leek - A Pork sausage with finely chopped leeks. The perfect sausage for a casserole. 

​The Hawaiian - Chunks of sweet pineapple, ham and mozzarella cheese. Oozing with deliciousness.

Pork & Tomato - Just like the porkie sausage with the addition of fresh tomatoes and tomato puree.

Speciality & Special Occasion Sausages  

All Day Breakfast Sausage - A Full English in a pork sausage. Packed with chunks of bacon, boiled eggs, baked beans, blackpudding and brown sauce.

Boerewoer - Using a Cape Town, awarding winning recipe. A really meat sausage made with beef, smoked bacon, nutmeg, cloves & vinegar!

The Wimbledon - A pork sausage filled with fresh English strawberries and cream. 

The Mini Egg - An easter special. A thick pork sausage filled with Cadbury mini eggs.

The LOVE sausage - Treat your valentine to a sausage they sure to love. Made using a blend of passionfruit and Fizz.

Christmas Sausages

Wild Boar & Orange - Local wild boar and fresh naval oranges.

Pork & Stilton Chipolata - Pork mixed with creamy Blue Bishop stilton cheese.

Pork & Honey Chipolata - A smaller version of our the Cranberries

Plain Porkie Chipolata - Our world famous porkie sausage in chipolata form.

Venison & Red Wine Chipolata- Local venison, soaked in red wine over night and then blended together.

Not So Naughty Low Fat Sausages

All of our low fat sausages are a minimum of 96% fat free. 

Zero Carbs.

Our Not so naughty sausages are made using the leanest cuts of meat to ensure that you can enjoy a tasty sausage without having to worry about straying from your diet or healthy eating plan.

Pork & Cracked Black Pepper  

Pork & Red Onion 

Chicken & Leek 

Chicken & Thai Sweet Chilli 

Chicken & Sweetcorn 

Chicken & Spring Onion 

Dietary & Allergy Information

Our sausages contain gluten. Some contain WHEAT, MILK, EGG & NUTS.

 Where possible we are happy to make sausages to suit your dietary requirements. They must be pre-ordered.

Please contact us should you have a query about our products & their ingredient(s).

Please call our Cambridge Road store for more information or to place an order.

​01704 227213.